Unlimited Rides - $1.50/day



Who is CRAFT Scooter?

CRAFT Scooter is an Austin-based company that rents electric scooters to individual people on a monthly basis.

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How are we different from other scooter companies?

In short, when you rent a CRAFT Scooter, it becomes your personal ride. As the sole user of your scooter, you ride it, take it home, and charge it.


Why should you rent a CRAFT Scooter?

• Better in Every Way: CRAFT Scooters are less expensive, more reliable, and safer than "per-minute" scooters.

• Customizable: CRAFT Scooters come in 7 different color options, and we are always adding more.

• Upgradeable: New scooters come out all the time! Renting a CRAFT Scooter allows you to upgrade to the newest models.

How To Get Your CRAFT Scooter

  1. Click the “Get Started” button below or download the CRAFT Scooter app.

  2. Create an account.

  3. Choose one of our seven color options.

  4. Schedule a time to pick up your CRAFT Scooter.

Membership Plan

(No long-term contracts. Memberships renew on a monthly basis.)

  • First Month: $45 + tax

  • Every Month After: $65 + tax